Weber Medical 

Weber Medical GmbH was established in 2003 after many years of research and development in the field of medical laser therapy and has quickly become one of the world’s leading companies in medical laser technology.

Besides the development of new devices, Dr. Michael Weber operates treatment centers in Germany and Thailand.

Weberneedle® Compact 

With financial aid from the German government and the European Union Dr. Michael Weber developed one of the world’s first multichannel laser system for external pain management (Weberneedle® Compact) in 2004.

Weberneedle® Endo 

Shortly afterwards followed the development and approval of another multichannel laser system for invasive laser therapy. With special fiberoptic light guides it brings laser light to deep tissue layers, joints and the bloodstream.

Photodynamic Therapy

Besides regenerative therapy procedures and pain management, the Weber Medical devices are mainly used for topical and interstitial photodynamic therapy (PDT) in the treatment of nearly all cancers. The fiber optic interstitial laser treatment allows therapists to bring laser energy even into deep tumors (e.g. pancreatic cancer).

With the development of an injectable liposomal indocyanine green infusion Weber Medical recently opened a new dimension in PDT. In combination with deep penetrating infrared lasers, this substance produces strong photodynamic effects.


With the aim of building a worldwide distribution, research and education network the company founded the International Society for Medical Laser Applications in 2006 (at that time under the name of EGLA).


Weber medical offers further training in the field of medical laser therapy. ISLA organizes international seminars and conferences on a regular basis. Besides lectures from different medical fields each event provides practical workshops that focus on putting theory into practice.

Work shadowing

On top of that we invite you to visit one of our laser institutes for some hands-on training. See how our medical laser experts apply the latest procedures to daily practice, address individual questions and some of the treatments yourself.

Contact us for an individual appointment:


Weber Medical strongly focuses on a customer-friendly sales and service approach. Should you have questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We make every effort to ensure your systems are up and running and you have  all the support you need.

The company is undertaking constant research and development in cooperation with different universities worldwide to ensure high standards and a continuous development of the products.


A major priority of the company is an integrated concept: The combination of research, development, education and service-friendly distribution under one roof.