Intraarticular Laser Therapy

From outside it is quite difficult to apply enough laser power into deep tissue (e.g. blood stream, joints, spinal nerves or tumors) due to the barrier function of the skin. The energy that actually reaches deep tissue is barely measurable because the skin absorbs more than 70% of it.

weber medical designed special fiberoptic light guides (Weberneedle® Lasercath) and cannulas that allow laser light to overcome the skin barrier. They bring light directly into joints.

Areas of Application

The faseroptic light guide (Weberneedle® Lasercath) is inserted directly into the joint via interstitial needle. This way, damaged structures (nerves, cartilage, bones, etc.) are directly exposed to irradiation. Intraarticular laser therapy is a simple and efficient treatment for:

  • Knee joint arthrosis
  • Hip joint arthrosis
  • Chronic shoulder syndrome
  • Ankle joint arthritis
  • and many other degenerative joint diseases

The intraarticular technique achieves penetration depths of up to 12 cm and therefore has better therapeutical results than external laser application. Unlike external laser therapy this method also allows green, blue and yellow lasers to be applied deep inside the tissue (to reduce inflammation e.g.).  

In order to optimize effects laser therapy can be combined very successfully with other injection therapies (e.g. PRP or hyaluronic acid). Injection and irradiation can be administered via the same cannula, with only one puncture.  

Available Laser Modules

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Therapy of a degenerative knee joint gonarthrosis with the Weberneedle® Endo Laser 

Combining intraarticular hyaluronic acid injections and direct joint irradiation for pain reduction and sustainable regeneration of the affected cartilage.  

The puncture site is at the inferior lateral recess of the knee joint. 

Treatment duration is 20 min.


Treatment of a chronic shoulder impingement symptom with the Weberneedle® Endo Laser

The painful area in the frontal bursa is irradiated interstitially at a depth of 2 cm using the red laser.  


Laser therapy of an advanced coxarthrosis with the Weberneedle® Endo Laser

Treatment of a hip joint arthrosis and joint stiffness. In order to avoid surgery, the hip capsule is irradiated with the red laser. In projection to the hip capsule an interstitial Weberneedle® is inserted 2 cm above the trochanter major at a depth of 7-8 cm.  


Remark: This accessory is not registered in the USA.

  • Weberneedle® Lasercath with puncture needle 21 G