Interstitial Laser Therapy

The specially developed fiberoptic light guide (Weberneedle® Lasercath) is utilized for percutaneous interstitial laser therapy in order to irradiate deep tissue.  

Areas of application 

  • Chronic spinal diseases
  • Slipped disks
  • Scar pain after disk surgery
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Nerve lesions
  • Deep inflammation of tendons
  • Strains

The Weberneedle® Lasercath is inserted into dysfunctional tissue structures via an interstitial needle. This technique achieves penetration depths of up to 12 cm and therefore has better therapeutical results than external laser application. 

Unlike external laser therapy this intraarticular method also allows green, blue and yellow lasers to be applied deep inside the tissue (to reduce inflammation e.g.).  

Laser modules

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Interstitial treatment of a spinal disk herniation in the sciatic root region with the Weberneedle® Endo Laser

Irradiation of the compressed nerve root with red, green and blue lasers for detumescence, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects and regeneration of nerve tissue.  


The Weberneedle® Lasercath with puncture needle is most commonly used.

For treating superficial tissue, we recommend the Weberneedle® Butterfly in combination with a Weberneedle® Lasecath.

If you want to add injections (e.g. hyaluronic acid or PRP) you only require one puncture since the same cannula can be used for injection and irradiation.

Remark: These accessories are not registered in the USA.