International Society for Medical Laser Applications

The International Society for Medical Applications (ISLA) was founded in Germany in 2005 by Dr. Michael Weber (Lauenförde, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Litscher (Graz, Austria) as a research organization in the field of Low-Level Laser Therapy.


The aim is to promote research, education and clinical application of Medical Laser Therapy worldwide:

  • Announcement and spreading of latest research on laser therapy
  • Education of practitioners worldwide
  • Development of successful protocols for different pathologies
  • Cooperation with universities and research organizations

Research Activities

Research focuses on intravenous, intraarticular and photodynamic laser therapies. In these areas ISLA has been able to bring together world leading experts and to initiate numerous studies on a global scale.

These studies concentrate primarily on pain treatment, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases.


Meanwhile several hundreds of doctors from more than 50 countries are members of ISLA.

ISLA is hosting three annual international conferences in the US, Germany and Thailand with the aim to build networks and to exchange state of the art knowledge.